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1d. Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources


Anatomy of Conducting- James Jordan

Basics of Vocal Pedagogy- Clifton Ware

Choral Repertoire- Dennis Shrock

Choral Vocal Techniques- Sabine Horstmann

Conductors Gesture- James Jordan

Ear Training Immersion Exercises for Choirs- James Jordan

Evoking Sound- James Jordan

Functional Unity of the Singing Voice- Barbara Doscher

Grove Dictionary of Music- Charles Hiroshi Garrett

International Phonetic Alphabet for Singers- Joan Wall

Musicians Breath- James Jordan

Musicians Soul- James Jordan

Teaching Music Through Performance Vol. 1-3 - Jordan, Abrahams, Head

The Choral Warm Up- Core Vocal Exercises- Jordan

The Choral Rehearasl Vol. 1-2- Jordan

The Composers Craft- Jordan

The School Choral Program- Jordan, Abrahams

The Structure of Singing- Richard Miller

Vocal Faults- James McKinney

Working with Adolescent Voices- John Cooksey 

Your Voice- Scott McCoy








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